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Buying a property is quite an investment, so we make it our priority to ensure you are making a sound investment.

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This is an estimate figure and is subject to change.

If you have a transaction which may not fit into the categories listed (such as right to buy or auction purchase etc) please contact the office for a personalised estimate.

This estimate is valid for 30 days.

Our large team of residential conveyancing solicitors are here to help, if you have any queries about the process please contact us with your questions.

Our Conveyancing Team

Image of John Daykin

John Daykin


Image of David Butterfield

David Butterfield


Image of Claire Roberts

Claire Roberts


Image of Yasser Shafi

Yasser Shafi

Conveyancing Executive

Image of Julie MacGregor

Julie MacGregor

Conveyancing Executive

Image of Jennie Adams

Jennie Adams

Executive Assistant

Image of Amanda Lester

Amanda Lester

Executive Assistant

Image of Ayesha Iqbal

Ayesha Iqbal

Executive Assistant

Image of Paula Cripps

Paula Cripps

Executive Assistant

Image of Julie Fowler

Julie Fowler

Executive Assistant

Image of Brenda Coulston

Brenda Coulston

Executive Assistant

Image of Polly Kelland

Polly Kelland

Executive Assistant

Image of Rachel Tompkins

Rachel Tompkins

Executive Assistant

Image of Lynne Bateman

Lynne Bateman

Executive Assistant